Hello, I’m Megan — aspiring architect, wannabe writer.

I come from the hot and humid Philippine archipelago, where I spend most of my days inching my way through the godforsaken Metro Manila traffic.

I’ll continue this introduction soon, I promise. Meanwhile, feel free to know more about me through the words of two of my closest friends:

Having unconsciously curated an elaborate image of herself, Megan projects a seamless life coveted by many.

Beyond the reserved façade is a daredevil of some sort. With her eyes constantly fixed on the sky, this girl knows no limitations when it comes to dreaming. What sets her apart from others, though, is her ability to plant her feet back on the ground, and turn those dreams into realities. Watch her soar through clouds of obstacles, and feel the creeping desire to become a better version of yourself — an effect Megan has on people that she doesn’t even seem to be aware of.

Guided by the core lessons yoga has taught her — strength, flexibility, and balance — Megan transforms her pain and weaknesses into instruments that only fortify her core. It is this unbelievable tenacity that fuels her passion for life, and enables her to love (and still love again) despite everything. Her understated courage can be seen in the way she continuously chooses to break down the walls she has built around herself, well aware of the discomfort and hurt that might lie beyond. Megan has developed a kind of endurance that does not harden the heart, but a kind that embraces the reality of pain.

 A.P. and C.H.