Dear Mr. Brightside

A Letter to the Sun, From the Moon

150,000,000 kilometers —   

You take your place at the heart of this intricate celestial web
Planets falling for your lure, stars lusting after your luster
As I sit here in the shadows (150,000,000 kilometers away)
Eagerly waiting to be written off with a morning kiss good-bye   

150,000,000 kilometers — 

Your magnificent light radiating throughout a galaxy once dark
The warmth of your passion breathing life into nothingness
Your dawn giving weathered hearts hopeful tomorrows
And your dusk a chance for lost souls to follow the stars home

150,000,000 kilometers — 

A distance I hoped was enough for me to hide
The craters left by meteors I was too helpless to stop
The scars marked by flagpoles of men who tried to claim me as theirs
And I, the lifeless, lightless satellite who allowed them to

150,000,000 kilometers — 

Your days, my nights; your summers, my winters —
I wax and wane through this far, cold end of the Milky Way
Stardust trickling down my sealed, forbidden lips
As I let your burning gaze pierce through my pale, arid skin

150,000,000 kilometers — 

We move across this space in an agonizing pas de deux:
Seemingly within reach, but never to feel each other’s touch
Swirling and twirling in a tragic, lonely coexistence
Until one day we started dancing around the truth

150,000,000 kilometers — 

A little closer, and spring tides will start devouring islands
Seasons brought to a pause, hearts left to freeze or burn out
To cross the constellations is to carve out trails of hurt and havoc —
Should we make a run for it as Nature’s fugitives?

150,000,000 kilometers — 

Yet I still feel the warmth of your breath tracing the side of my neck
Open up your eager eyes, Mr. Brightside, and pull me in closer
Because damnit if our gravity has always been this strong
Then perhaps California should disappear after all

150,000,000 kilometers — 

Sometimes 7,000, sometimes 20;
Sometimes laws of nature, sometimes self-inflicted doubts —
and yet somehow you have always been the one
who gives me light.

— The Moon


there are days when I feel
as if I am a lonely interlude

squeezed between
the verses of your life

a mere intermission
lacking depth and tone

drawing out perfection
into a careless medley

i struggle to be heard
over the nymphs and sirens

who gloriously sing
the sweet melody of your name

but the harder I try
the deeper my voice cracks

twisting lyrics into
desperate cries for attention