Yearbook Write-Up: Carina Morente


It’s her eyes you’ll notice first. They’ll gaze at you with their sweet, sweet iridescent glow — chocolate in the night, honey under the light. But as captivating as those eyes might seem, there’s more to this girl than their alluring gleam.

Cai — creative, colorful, and compassionate. A true artist, whether it’s a paintbrush in her hand, a pen, or a badminton racket. With a Midas Touch of some sort, she can turn the most unsightly thing into art. Dive into the oceans painted before her, and soar across the sky sewn above her. See what it’s like to be perpetually inspired by the world. The true beauty of her eyes isn’t in their lustrous glow — it’s in the way they manage to find magic in everything and everyone they see.

It remains a mystery, however, how the one thing she remains incessantly blind to is her own self. Drawing strength from the happiness and encouragement of everyone she holds dear, you’ll have to remind this girl a few couple of times that she is more than enough, she is more than enough — you are more than enough, Cai. And if you’re really convincing, she might just start believing you on the hundredth try.

One day, though, Cai will finally open her eyes, and see herself for the first time — with confidence and dignity. She’ll see the compassion that tended to a handful, the beauty that captivated hundreds, and the talent that inspired thousands. And when that day comes — when the artist finally realizes that she, too, is an exquisite piece of art — she’ll be an unstoppable force not to be reckoned with. Because an artist inspired is one thing, but an artist inspired by her own self is another.

Disclaimer: The photo isn’t mine.

Field Notes, Vol. 2

  1. Spreadsheet programs are the best productivity applications you will ever find. Conditional formatting is love. Just love.
  2. It’s very much possible to get things done and finish on time, while still managing to get seven hours of sleep every night, and an hour of exercise every morning. (See, and this is coming from an architecture student.)
  3. Time is the best gift you will ever give and receive. You can always earn some more money to make up for the food and flowers you bought, but can never get more time to replace what you’ve lost. Learn to appreciate every minute someone gives you, and always thank them for that.
  4. Keep things that inspire you close to your heart — especially if that thing happens to be a person. Appreciate him, take care of him, and teach him how to eat vegetables. Bro, seriously, you’re like twenty-three already.
  5. It’s alright to be insecure sometimes — everyone has something they feel insecure about. Just be sure to use these perceived points of vulnerability to actually improve yourself. Remember to notice problems, but choose to see them as opportunities.

Field Notes is a collection of various lessons and observations from everyday life.

Field Notes, Vol. 1

  1. People are complicated. If you’re going to expect anything from them, expect them to disappoint. Stop relying on and waiting for other people. Just do whatever you can do on your own — it’s much simpler that way. After all, it’s for your benefit, as well.
  2. It’s not a question of whether you can do it or not — you can do anything, really. The real question, however, is whether you’ll manage to stay up to actually do it… or fall asleep.
  3. No, that column can’t just not.
  4. There exists a boy who will talk you through all the stress and frustrations, who will surprise you with coffee at your doorstep on the eve of another big deadline, and who will still think you’re amazing despite failing to allocate time for sleep and for a decent conversation. Although he, too, might be busy with thesis and everything, you two will always find the time. He will ask you out on study dates, and you will say yes. On those dates, take the time to look up from your laptop screen every now and then to admire the beautiful boy sitting in front of you. Watch how his eyebrows scrunch up together when he’s thinking hard about something, or how his veiny hand glides the pen across his notebook. He will look up and catch you staring. He will smile at you, reach for your hand across the table, and gently squeeze it. His touch will send shockwaves down your body, and then you will both go back to work. There exists a boy who not only understands your priorities, but shares it as well. I’m lucky I found mine.

Field Notes is a collection of various lessons and observations from everyday life.