Yearbook Write-Up: Carina Morente


It’s her eyes you’ll notice first. They’ll gaze at you with their sweet, sweet iridescent glow — chocolate in the night, honey under the light. But as captivating as those eyes might seem, there’s more to this girl than their alluring gleam.

Cai — creative, colorful, and compassionate. A true artist, whether it’s a paintbrush in her hand, a pen, or a badminton racket. With a Midas Touch of some sort, she can turn the most unsightly thing into art. Dive into the oceans painted before her, and soar across the sky sewn above her. See what it’s like to be perpetually inspired by the world. The true beauty of her eyes isn’t in their lustrous glow — it’s in the way they manage to find magic in everything and everyone they see.

It remains a mystery, however, how the one thing she remains incessantly blind to is her own self. Drawing strength from the happiness and encouragement of everyone she holds dear, you’ll have to remind this girl a few couple of times that she is more than enough, she is more than enough — you are more than enough, Cai. And if you’re really convincing, she might just start believing you on the hundredth try.

One day, though, Cai will finally open her eyes, and see herself for the first time — with confidence and dignity. She’ll see the compassion that tended to a handful, the beauty that captivated hundreds, and the talent that inspired thousands. And when that day comes — when the artist finally realizes that she, too, is an exquisite piece of art — she’ll be an unstoppable force not to be reckoned with. Because an artist inspired is one thing, but an artist inspired by her own self is another.

Disclaimer: The photo isn’t mine.

Yearbook Write-Up: Marie Abigail Pacho



The syllables will slip off your tongue like dew drops off a grass blade: quiet and simple, effortless and docile. But then again, what’s in a name? For this girl is all but mere.

From the strands of her hair to the depths of her soul, she is art — an exquisite depiction of life and love. Guided by the stars and fuelled by the burning passion in her veins, Abby knows what she wants and will stop at nothing until she gets it.

She is constantly on the search for the person she has yet to become. However, the true beauty of this girl lies in her journey. It’s in her patience and her hope, her contagious enthusiasm and her unfaltering dedication. Her love for life has her constantly on the edge of her seat. Watch as she chases after the sunset; she could go around the world a thousand times without even a hint of despair in her eyes. And no matter how far she’s gone or how high she’s climbed, she’ll always have her values intact. If there’s one thing we could all learn from her, it’s that we should guard our beings, not our hearts.

She may not know this yet, but Abby carries magic within her. Listen closely to the words she speaks, and marvel at her creations — that’s the closest we’ll ever get to anything pure and sincere in this world.

It’s always a pleasure to write about such wonderful people. Good luck with your thesis, Abby!